Thursday, 2 October 2014

THE SUMMER HAT, Watercolor Painting Figure, Flowers, Summer

I love summer.  It's the fact but there's another bigger fact.  Things come and go.  The summer comes and the summer goes.  It's the big fact of life.  As yet I like something a bit more.  I know I'll miss the wonderful feeling of life with the heat from the sun in a summer garden.  I know because it happens every year!  One day I decided to paint my summer feeling so I can look at it again and again as a motivation for further works.  The moment that I just grab a hat and run outside and disappear in the garden.  It's an act of rebel against the fact of life 'come and go'.  Here it is!... my Gorgeous Summer in My Mind 

Spectacular Watercolor Painting Figure and Summer flowers, 29.5x42cm
Spectacular Watercolor Painting Figure and Summer flowers, 29.5x42cm
If you have any queries relating to the painting or would like a painting by commission, please leave me a message via the contact form gadget on the top right corner of the blog.  Thank you for your interest.


  1. ken newman
    11:32 AM
    stunning work here congratulations !!!!! (Google +)

  2. Aleta Wohl
    11:52 AM
    beautifully expressed in words & imagery, Phong. Aleta (Google +)

  3. Luana BĂ©atrice Lazar
    11:41 AM
    I love it so much! (Google +)

  4. Pedro de Gracia
    12:05 PM
    Very beautiful work and text too. (Google +)

  5. Nicolas Pinet
    12:22 PM
    Good evening Phong magnificent painting in the gesture of a beautiful precision. SUPERB! Phong thank you for sharing this sublime.
    Nice evening and see you soon. Kiss. (Google +)

  6. Tiki Coveny
    1:06 PM
    it is beautiful phong  (Google +)

  7. Harold Bishop
    2:35 PM
    Magnificent,the colors,and the movement really capture the feel of summer. Thank you. (Google +)

  8. Bernard munier
    12:21 AM
    Magnifique soleil printemps (Google +)

  9. Elina Lundberg
    7:54 AM
    Such a beautiful shining woman ♡
    Thank you for sharing, dear +Phong Trinh  (Google +)

  10. Tatok Wicaksono
    Yesterday 8:28 PM
    Impressive!  (Google +)

  11. Giuliana Lubello
    Yesterday 7:07 PM
    very beautifull paint   (Google +)

  12. Howie Joe Marcus
    3:49 AM
    Beautiful!  (Google +)

  13. Howie Joe Marcus
    3:37 AM
    Beautiful work!