Tuesday, 19 August 2014

THE RARE ORCHID, Pen and Watercolor Drawing, Painting Figure, Fineart

I used to admire the beauty of the orchid in the garden center.  I always wish to spend an eternity to look at them but it was not possible.  This admiration went into my subconsciousness One day I sat with a piece of drawing paper then I set go.  With my mind I drew with a pen and a brush because I wanted the fine, crisp details that can only be created by non- eraser-rubbed surface and the ink or watercolor.  I wanted the fine sophisticated details and I wanted a tone of them without muddling them up.  I wanted to retain the delicate and freshness of an orchid.  A touch of the pen or the brush.. it's final.  No adjustment! no rubbing! no going back!  I kept going for hours until I felt I needed to stop... I think this describe the technique given to me by the "Rare Orchid".... Enjoy  

Beautiful Pen and Watercolor Figure, Flowers Foliage, Nature Fine Art on Paper
Beautiful Pen and Watercolor Figure, Flowers Foliage, Nature Fine Art on Paper
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