Tuesday, 19 August 2014

RED BLOSSOM FOREVER, Pen and Watercolor Drawing and Painting Figure FineArt

I had an old red blossom in the garden.  It has sharp thorns.  I like the tree when it sheds leaves and has flowers.  Where I grew up I had never had a chance to live with anything green.  Let's alone a garden.  A red blossom tree is definitely out of reach.  Thank to the love of gardening of the local I got one at last.  To understand the love of the red blossom in many cultures, I used to put my head into the tree to feel the buzz of the blossom.  I grew fond of it. Every time when I pull my head out of the tree, there were millions of kisses in the air.  Then I look at the flowers they were lipstick red.  They look like the kisses!!  Love is in the air!  You might have noticed the air is always fresher in the garden!!
Beautiful Figure, Flowers art in Pen and Watercolor on Paper Approx 29,5x42cm
Beautiful Figure, Flowers art in Pen and Watercolor on Paper Approx 29,5x42cm
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