Sunday, 31 August 2014

KINGFISHER, Watercolor Painting and Drawing Birds

King fishers are often sighted near water.  If the weather was not too good, they would be in gardens looking for worms.  They are quiet and solemn like a king soldier guarding the palace.  I think their long straight beak was helpful for them to aim at a target.  Once they decided to take a direction, there's no return.  With a speed of a flying arrow they dive down and return with the catch.  They are very proud showing me the worm catching technique.  With a little beady eyes they can spot a movement of a worm under the lawn and catch it with 100% accuracy..   I used to watch them with amazement..I think they know that!

Beautiful Original Watercolor Painting Birds and Garden
Beautiful Original Watercolor Painting Birds and Garden

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