Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Chicken Yard (2), Watercolor Painting Farm Animals

More chicken with the same technique!  I now have the whole chicken farm in my head.  I love to see the natural world in the animals.  It was such a happy scene!  I hope by exhibiting their charm and beauty in art people might like to have the enjoyment of their company and hopefully farming practice would change a little bit.  We do receive a lot from these animals.  Set them free then we will receive a lot more, the understanding of nature and relationship is priceless.  They remind me how simple a perfect life could be!

Beautiful Farm Animal Watercolor Painting on paper  size 29.5 x 42 cm
Beautiful Farm Animal Watercolor Painting on paper size 29.5 x 42 cm
If you have any queries relating to the painting, please leave me a message via the contact form gadget on the top right corner of the blog.  Thank you for your interest.

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