Tuesday, 9 September 2014

SURPRISED PROPOSAL FROM YOUNG CRICKET, Watercolor Black White Gray Insects, Flowers and Plants

My final Black White Gray world is a dream!.  It's a fancy bedtime story by myself.
One day, Young Cricket set off for an adventure. He could not fly yet so he climbed and he hopped. Soon he found himself in an amazing world of flowers. There he met an amazing creature. He thought she was an angel. It's even better than that she was real, a real butterfly. He was shocked, he was amazed, then finally he proposed something. I could not hear what he said. I could not hear what she said. But I saw the butterfly was taken aback, her tummy dropped and she nearly fell off the sky. I did not know what happened next or after that. I know since then life of Young Cricket would never be the same. He looked at the sky a lot. A day dreamer, so all other crickets said. With that story, I fell asleep. The dark sky, the dark in the painting make your eyes seek dark. So they close and your mind seek a passage into dream. This painting gave me a good sleep!. A surprise treat! it's another secret of painting that I found. Hope the story explains the composition, the color choice and the painting technique!...Oh I also found black watercolor is softer than ink. Try black and white painting, it might be the sleep therapy without medication!

Beautiful  Black White Gray, watercolor on paper, 42x29.5cm
Beautiful  Black White Gray, watercolor on paper, 42x29.5cm,
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