Sunday, 12 October 2014

STILL LIFE WITH WHITE DAISIES , Watercolor Painting Flowers

Should we wait for the perfect moment to try a watercolor painting?  It is very hard to find and have the perfect moment.  I am always busy.  I could not wait for anything.  I took the matter in my own hands.  I decided to paint a picture regardless.....
I let the mood of the moment decide the colors choice.  It was not a great moment.  I was a bit tired but I decided to paint any way.  I believe painting should not always have to be in the best moment of everything all the time.  If that is the case I might have to wait forever.  I paint to search.  I paint to find.  I might get something.  If not, I would be happy because I had tried.  The truth was after the painting I was quite happy with it.  I had one of those poor old apples. Surprisingly it did not taste too bad at all!  Every time I look at this painting I feel good, real good because after all "I did try!" :-)

Wonderful Watercolor Painting Still Life with Flowers and Fruits
Wonderful Watercolor Painting Still Life with Flowers and Fruits
I f you have any queries relating to the painting, please leave me a message via the contact form gadget on the top right corner of the blog.  Thank you for your interest.


  1. Giuliana Lubello
    5:17 PM
    Very beautifull 

    Věra Kácelová
    5:19 PM
    lovely (Google +)

  2. Dalene Detzler
    8:16 AM
    It's lovely Phong (Google +)

  3. Chidambar K
    Yesterday 7:19 PM

    7:13 AM
    Amazing art work. :)  (Google +)

  4. Michael Docker
    Yesterday 10:54 PM
    +Phong Trinh Lovely Watercolor!!!!  (Google +)

  5. Miklos Neumann
    Yesterday 1:43 AM
    one of the besst sofar miklos  (Google +)

  6. ken newman
    Oct 13, 2014
    good loose style applied here  (Google +)