Monday, 16 March 2015

Cows at Headland Edge, Watercolor Painting Landscape with Animals

No one told these cows to go there.  They just go straight there one after another and lined up at the edge of the headland.  They caught my interest.  I followed them at a distance to see what they did.  After I set up my gear under a tree near by.  I started to draw.  Some enjoyed the grass, some actually stopped and gazed at the sun over the sea.  By the look they love the light glittering on the wet grass, they love the view!  I love the light under their round belly!  I think they were rushing to the edge to enjoy the breakfast with sun rise, sea view and fresh grass!  I am amazed that the cows love the same view as I do.  I was pleased and stunned at the result of the painting.  At first I only tried to capture one.  Now I got the whole lot painting direct!...  never know what I can until I try.  The results often surprise me..

A moment later, the cows walked back in line to the opposite end of the field.  Then it's time for my cup of tea!

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