Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Sparrow, Ballpoint Sketch

I had a good observation of this young male sparrow when I was sitting in the porch having some time out. I did not have anything in hands so I recorded him in my head. I thought surely I would remember him. Drawing from memory is one of "ancient" techniques, I believe, practiced by artists since stone age!

After dinner I decided to give it a go, even after saying about stone age memory technique as above, I was not so sure. I did not practice ballpoint as often either. Here it goes. I think the drawing looks like the sparrow I saw. I am happy that I tried.

I noted one advantage. Ballpoint give speed. I can draw faster than with pencil. This drawing took a couple of minutes! It is the simplest way to enjoy two minutes something from my garden seat! :-)

Beautiful Ball point Sketch, Sparrow

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