Thursday, 24 March 2016

Memories, Watercolour Painting

When someone whom we know dearly has died, our mind are flooded with memories. Our veins struggle. Tears come.. sometimes without logic.. tears just come.

I used to be paralysed for days or weeks.. sometimes consider giving up trying and wonder I probably should live a life like other .. even I do not know what it means.. No it does not sound like me at all.. I love individuality.. love to be a person as natural as a bird!

This time, I put myself to the test. As the idea comes, I pick up a brush and paint.. my head out. I paint between tears.. I keep going with a thought.. if the painting come out right.. then I have something.. No definitely Not to give up… As the painting in progress, I remember the person who just died was the person who said "Never" as I turned around she said "Never give up" with a smile and a beam in her eyes. There was a ton of determination in that little smile. She had never given up at all. It was more than ten years ago.

The tears disappeared as I came close to putting the finishing touch. This finished painting put a little smile on my face and a little shine in my eyes… I won by not to surrender to the habit of surrendering. The sadness has become an opportunity to cherish and to share.. victory to the spirit of art and art lovers..

I am sure most of us would have a chance to know someone who has ability to wipe our tears, warm our heart, light our path .. after death… give your soul a moment. They'll reveal themselves to you.

Art is a form of communication beyond physical limitation.. I like the painting so much.. it become a series..

Take care and God bless
Seascape, Watercolour

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