Monday, 21 July 2014


Trevor Chamberlain is the legend of the British pochade box with about 6,000 paintings and he is still going!  I'd like to have some fun too.  So I search for something similar for watercolor pochade lady style!  Didn't find anything that I like or haven't got.  So I stuck with what I used to do.
I bought a pocket painting set from a French art shop few years ago just because the lady in the shop was introducing it to me.  I agreed to give it a go because she said I 'd love it.  During the time I did not know how it would fit into what I was doing.  A3 was my normal size even when I was painting outdoors.  Then the winter came I was having a quiet time I looked at the little paint box and realize it was made with an ability to adapt to 6" x 8" pochade style painting!  I started to try with a landscape and found amazing what a little piece of paper can hold, the whole composition!  I painted a series of French towns then I went for a walk and painted a picture from a seat where by walkers came and have a chat.  I did not feel nervous when some one came and talked to me during the process.  It was the opposite.  I found I was enjoying painting and talking at the same time and people did not mind if I did not stop and looking at them.  The painting was finished on spot.  I did not realise that I was doing a live demo!  I took it to outdoors painting with a group at a yatch club.  Surprise I could paint a marine scene on site and finished it after a chat a cupa a relax moment!
The advantage of small painting gear is it can go with me wherever I go.  I can paint anything any moment that suits.  I found new kind of confidence and freedom.  I enjoy the little box.
Small paintings is rather personal and more intimate because you have to be quite close to enjoy it!  Small painting does not invade so much space.  They are easier to handle!  They are more affordable and offer an endless possibilities to enrich collectors taste and view by rearrange or grouping them.  Small paintings are lots of fun! small paintings, small price but the skill level is the same.  I find them rather charming and tasty! Don't you?
The little box opens endless possibilities!  Try it!  You might have a pleasant surprise!  I call it a disappearing studio.  a disappearing world a world retreat into personal pleasure!  Private and intimacy!

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