Tuesday, 22 July 2014


If you have a chance painting in a club house or a group, you might come up with an observation on the different expression of your friends during the painting process.  The effect of the process on the painters made me think.  It was not the picture which is the end result. Sometimes the sale of art work took away the essence of the art by itself.  I do not blame but actually congratulate and admire artists that can make a living out of paintings.  The point is the majority of us enjoy painting after a working, a family or a career life like myself.  We delay and delay the inclination toward art until we were set free of all usual duties.  The sale is not really significant and random here and there.  The financial effect is not great. So what do we get?  The enjoyment of the process.  You might have a wee laugh but that's the point.  I painted all sort of sizes.  At a start I thought big picture gave big pleasure so I went big and sometimes told others to try with big pictures.  It does not cost much and of course we can afford it.  SO I started with a big treat!  At the same time I noted quiet content, peaceful and delight from those doing small paintings around me.  I also looked at the Daily Painters trend in USA.  In UK there were  so many faithful with a small painting box like Trevor Chamberlain that made me think.  One day when I was on my own I tried going down scale to see whether I got the effect of small painting.  I DID.  It was peaceful!  Why?  Because of the scale the focus was on the whole painting all the time.  The mind and the hand had a 100% natural cooperation, the colors and composition locked in and the painting was finished with ease.  That's means I can paint faster and I can paint more.  Small paintings Pochade style gave painters freedom.  You do not really have to be inside, do not really need a studio.  More to enjoy varieties of scene that spice up your senses.  Small paintings are more affordable and invite the creativity from the collectors who love to change and vary the view by rearranging them.  It's a WIN WIN situation!  A lot more fun Just a little warning!  Like any other enjoyment of life POCHADE Painting can be quite addictive.  I can't find enough time for it!    
Fun, Peaceful, Content, Tasty and Lively is the world of Pochade box painters! 

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