Friday, 29 August 2014

EASTERN YELLOW ROBIN, Watercolor Painting Drawing Birds

The Eastern Yellow Robin

I hear her in the wood across the way
The bird with yellow breast and cloak blue gray
She sings at dawn and in the evening late
And her song the local lyrebird imitate.

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The yellow robin her familiar name
And for woodland dweller she seems very tame
Whilst most other wood birds out of sight disappear
The yellow robin lets you get quite near.

It is a simple tune she has to play
And twep twep twep is all she has to say
You hear her once you know that voice again
The song with you till next time will remain.

She sits on branch or sometimes cling to tree
Scanning the ground if insects she might see
And on silent wings she pounces on her prey
The yellow breasted bird with cloak blue gray.

She builds her cup shaped nest on fork of tree
With brown spotted green eggs two or sometimes three
And in the evening late and dawn of day
I hear her in the wood across the way. 

Francis Duggan

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