Sunday, 31 August 2014

GOLDFINCH, Watercolor Painting and Drawing Birds

How do I stick my brush in painting birds?  I got captured by the birds.  That's how.  It's a painter story.  I must admit I had never planned to be painting birds.  By chance, I live in the area that has been developing conservation for birds.  The birds came to me and I fell for them.  I practically live with birds everyday.  Years a go, I was given a book, a very old book of Eric Ennion, the master and founder of bird conservation in England.  With the book and the birds, paper, colors and a brush in my hand I capture them.  I got hooked, just like that.  Then I started to play with them.  Every summer,  I had a lot of fun with the goldfinch.  They came to the garden to have a feed on flowers seeds.  It was joy to watch them... I notice every time I paint a bird I feel happy.. like a bird!

Beautiful Original Watercolor Painting Birds and Garden Available for Purchase
Beautiful Original Watercolor Painting Birds and Garden


  1. Raven DawnMODERATOR
    Art numérique - Sep 23, 2014
    +Phong Trinh creates such a powerful joy, here in the nature of the colors and style, times can call for simple truths, and to focus upon can be a force of happiness. Thank you Phong! (source: Google +)

  2. Spyder WebbSep 24, 2014+1
    Beautiful piece! (source: Google +)

  3. Luana Béatrice LazarSep 24, 2014+1
    I absolutely agree with you dear +Raven Dawn  (source: Google +)

  4. Luana Béatrice LazarSep 25, 2014+1
    +Phong Trinh
    You're very welcome and very talented as well my dear, so you desearve at least that, but you desearve much more like to sell your art and have exibitions.  (source: Google +)

  5. Raven DawnSep 25, 2014+2
    +Phong Trinh I so very much agree with Luana, and hope you have the exposure, working on some venues, yet will take awhile, so much life in what you create, can't express how much I admire what you have styled... so funny yourself, Luana, Howie, you thank us, and yet it is your art, so kind to share, be well and shine...(source: Google +)