Sunday, 24 August 2014

THE SEA LULLABY, Watercolor Painting Seascapes

This scene in the creek of Waiheke Island caught my eye with its sense of intimacy between boat lovers and the sea, a place that even a seal would dream to be.  With that note of imagination and a simple natural tone palette, I captured the air, the light and the romance of the scene.  The place that is so peaceful and made perfect with a lullaby from the sea, a quiet night.  The place is waken up with the sound of the morning light touches the sea!  With this painting I felt like I have been had the privilege living in the boat house and watching the sunrise for 20 years!.. Imagine that!  

Seascape Sensation in watercolor 29.5x42cm
Seascape Sensation in watercolor, 29.5x42cm

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