Monday, 22 September 2014

ACACIA COTTAGE, Watercolor Painting Landscape, Auckland, New Zealand

The simple charm of yester year in the wood, the cottage nested in the landscape of the Cornwall Park enjoys the morning sun.  I managed to capture few activities of passer-by and a few birds.  It was an enjoyable en plein air painting experience!.. later I learnt a bit about the cottage and the original owner...
Acacia cottage was built in 1841 by Sir John Logan Campbell, a Scotsman, and his business partner William Brown.  Sir John offered the occupation of the cottage to William Brown and his wife, while he lived and slept in a tent!  Sir John Logan Campbell later became major of Auckland.  He died unmarried but happy because he gave the park and the lot to the city!  I personally think he had always married to NZ!.  The cottage was originally situated off Shortland Street.  In 1920, the cottage was removed and re-sited in Cornwall park.  It is now the oldest wooden home in Auckland.
Wonderful Watercolor Outdoor Painting of  Cornwall Park, Auckland Historic Acacia Cottage, 29.5x42cm
Wonderful Watercolor Outdoor Painting of  Cornwall Park, Auckland Historic Acacia Cottage, 29.5x42cm
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