Tuesday, 23 September 2014

HUA LODGE, Watercolor Painting Landscape, Auckland, New Zealand

It took two en plein air sessions for this painting.  I love quirky cottages, the bold chimney, the dragon scales on the roof, a little princess window with balcony caught my eyes.  Later I learnt the history of the lodge...

Like Acacia cottage, Hua lodge was created by Sir John Logan Campbell.  With great vision, he was able to use business skills to create great assets to the city and the country from a very humble beginning!

Wonderful Watercolor Outdoor Painting of  Cornwall Park, Auckland Historic Hua Lodge 29.5x42cm
Wonderful Watercolor Outdoor Painting of  Cornwall Park, Auckland Historic Hua Lodge, 29.5x42cm
If you have any queries relating to the painting, please leave me a message via the contact form gadget on the top right corner of the blog.  Thank you for your interest.


  1. Sendibad BahriSep 24, 2014+1
    verry good (Source: Google +)

  2. Thanga NilaSep 24, 2014+1
    It is beautiful phong trinh (Source: Google +)

  3. Leda NascimentoSep 24, 2014+2
    It is so beautiful and delicate! (Source: Google +)

  4. Emilia Bagolan
    Yesterday 10:54 PM
    Well done (Source: Google +)