Wednesday, 3 September 2014

LADYBIRD ON SPIDER PLANT (2), Watercolor Drawing and Painting Nature, Plants, Insects

She went.  I looked.  I found her on the other side of the plant.  I thought she was checking something.  I gently let her on a paper and placed her on the leaves for another painting.  If the ladybird got frighten, she might just fly away abd I could never find her.  This awareness add  a bit more alertness to the painter (which was me who) was enjoying the privilege to be alone with her!  During the painting, I noted the spider plant withered a bit.  When the painting finished.  I put the ladybird back into the garden and gave some water to the plant!  The sparkling light captured on the leaves by pressing the brush gave life to the picture!  I used different brushes for different effect.  Light effect on positive shapes in this case is critical.  A few sparks on simple picture like this speak volume!

Exciting brush work, watercolor on paper, 21x29.5cm
Exciting brush work, watercolor on paper, 21x29.5cm
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