Wednesday, 3 September 2014

LADYBIRD ON SPIDER PLANT (1), Watercolor Drawing and Painting Nature, Plants, Insects

I gently scooped a ladybird and put her on a spider plant and quietly observed her under a magnify glass.  Knowing where she was, I made a mental note on her position on the paper.  I did not want to dent the surface of untouched watercolor paper with pencil or eraser.  Fully aware that the brush mark would be permanent, I meditated for a minute then set go.  With a synthetic brush and diluted watercolor ivory black on a palette, I started with the lightest leaves first then went darker.  I pressed the dry brush down real hard to get the light effect on part of the leaves that bent toward the light.  Then I added the ladybird and the stem.  It was an enjoyable exercise.  I started another...before let her go back into the garden!    

Exciting brush work, watercolor on paper, 21x29.5cm
Exciting brush work, watercolor on paper, 21x29.5cm
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