Tuesday, 23 September 2014

THE OLD STONES OF CORNWALL PARK, Watercolor Painting Landscape, Auckland, New Zealand

I like the quirky look of the building.  The positioning of the big old tree on the high ground summarizes the philosophy of the park designer.  It looks like the hobbit dwelling.  It was a nice day in the park.  I did a sketch then rough in the colors, tree foliage and stones.  I was a bit terrified even at the thought but I did that before.  Jumping in with a wet brush then figure that out.  It was a good experience!  I threw a few more stones with moss on them to make them look original in the foreground and to strengthen the composition!  Must say I finished details of the stones in mid ground at home, giving time to a cup of tea!

Standing in the magnificent park that was created and donated to the city of Auckland by Sir John Logan Campbell.  A Scotsman who chose to live poor so the country he loved can live rich.  These old stones remind me of the Stone of Scotland.  Through my outdoor paintings in the park, I came to know a great person, John Logan Campbell and the culture he came from.  I know Sir Campbell is just an individual.  I know I only touch a leaf in the forest, the forest of Scotland. 

Wonderful Watercolor Outdoor Painting of  Cornwall Park, Auckland Historic old stone building 29.5x42cm
Wonderful Watercolor Outdoor Painting of  Cornwall Park, Auckland Historic old stone building, 29.5x42cm
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  1. Jaciane ChavesSep 24, 2014+1
    Adorei sua tela!!! (source: Google +)

  2. Thanga NilaSep 24, 2014
    It is very nice (source: Google +)

  3. clemegoSep 24, 2014+1
    You are very poetic ..... very rustic stone house in pure (source: Google +)

  4. Susan KellerSep 24, 2014+1
    Very Lovely! (source: Google +)