Friday, 17 October 2014

TEA FOR TWO, Watercolor Painting and Sketching Figures

With a brush I sketched and painted this small watercolor on the spot.  It was a scene in an 100 year old art club.  When the lady painters stopped and prepared a tea party, I grabbed an opportunity to record a lively and lovely scene.  It took about 15 minutes.  Because I thought I would not see such a beautiful setting again.  I raced.  My heart was pumping as my hand was moving real fast.  When I finished, I was in a bit of shock.  The face expression, the warm and liveliness I wished to have were there.  This painting stayed as my favorite since.

Lively Watercolor Painting Sketching People
If you have any queries relating to the painting, please leave me a message via the contact form gadget on the top right corner of the blog.  Thank you for your interest.


  1. Oshi Shikigami
    1:37 PM
    That is truly what art is about. The passion! Great job. Glad you are here +Phong Trinh!

    John Doe
    1:48 PM
    Your post was marked Spam. I see no thing in it that is offensive. I have never seen any of your work be offensive. I have approved it as not being spam and can only guess someone hit the wrong button by mistake. You are always welcome here Phong Trinh. I have only had to boot one person. And that was a very unnatural act on my part. By the way, Great water you did here. J. D.

  2. Axel Pivet17:06+1
    Only with a brush ? Amazing ! Love this watercolor, congratulations ! (Google +)

  3. Pedro de Gracia
    12:05 AM
    Nice party and very nice work!.
    Very spontaneous! (Google +)