Saturday, 22 November 2014

CREATIVE MOMENT, Watercolor Painting Figures

With a brush, I was trying to capture the atmosphere of peace, joy and content of the place.  A piece of art for my memory.  Looking at it, I was surprised at the expression and the details of this quick sketch!  One of my favorites! 
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  1. Nick OldhamNov 23, 2014
    very nice...

    Roman SiretchiNov 23, 2014+1

    Phong TrinhNov 23, 2014
    +Nick Oldham thank you for commenting!

    Phong TrinhNov 23, 2014+1
    +Roman Siretchi merci pour commenter!

    Howie Joe MarcusNov 24, 2014+1
    Looks like: Albert Einstein!

    Howie Joe MarcusNov 24, 2014+1
    Or; Mark Twain!

    Phong TrinhNov 24, 2014
    +Howie Joe Marcus delicate beautiful sophistication vibrates from the moment! I just can't explain. That's probably why I paint ! :-)

    Howie Joe MarcusNov 25, 2014
    Ok! You painted this piece! Who does the man look like to you! It could be: Mark Twain!

    Nick OldhamNov 25, 2014
    a bit like our beloved Queen Elizabeth..writing her Christmas Cards maybe??

    Phong TrinhNov 26, 2014
    +Howie Joe Marcus +Nick Oldham It;s a creative moment, self comforting process that I painted. Yes, it relates to a known familiar culture! :-) In near future I might focus on art of Portraiture! Thank you for your comments!

    Howie Joe MarcusNov 26, 2014+1
    Your welcome!

  2. Александр ЛогиновNov 23, 2014
    Great start - could turn into a genius.
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    Howie Joe MarcusNov 24, 2014+2
    Earlier I said on other art sites, that this looked like Albert Einstein! I could be wrong! It may very well be: Mark Twain!

    Phong TrinhNov 24, 2014
    +Howie Joe Marcus thank you for your comment! Capture the human soul of the moment! the abstract impression from the painting observed by yourself is remarkable!

    Howie Joe MarcusNov 25, 2014+1
    Thank you! Who is the person to you?

    Phong TrinhNov 26, 2014
    +Howie Joe Marcus Someone unknown in front of me at the time, as an anchor for the creative process!

    Александр ЛогиновNov 27, 2014+1
    + Howie Joe Marcus young man in deep thought about reality.