Sunday, 23 November 2014

SHE WROTE "I MISS YOU", Watercolor Painting Figure

 The art of letter writing with pen and paper is long dead and buried.  What painting got to do with it.  To record the change in our generation, well, I paint to make the dead art alive.  I tried.  Read what she wrote and look at the expression!  
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  1. Howie Joe MarcusYesterday 11:14 AM+2
    Beautiful painting! I miss writing letters!

    RaVen DaWnYesterday 5:22 PM+2
    The longing in her poise, her eyes close upon moments remembered, moments missed, may be the feeling of the moments lost; her pen in hand... write on! A beautiful image, I still write about two letters a day, only now we e-mail. Today I write contracts, poems, comments, homage of what i do appreciate; yet there was a time, I was illiterate and silent. Observation immersed. Mimic rehearsed and now I am quite well versed; so in a very personal experience, I truly appreciate the statements of your post. Truly. Thank you...
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    Phong Trinh12:53 PM
    +Howie Joe Marcus +RaVen DaWn She had a drink. She played with rubber duck. She ate a banana. She packed her thoughts and feelings in pots. She was thinking of an apple but no. She is a self comfort type but she was not settled. Finally, she wrote..... Nothing replaced the words she put down on paper... they helped her understand herself a lot more! Did you notice the unbreakable spirit or timeless relationship people had in the war? I think because they took time to write! Thank you again for writing! :-)

  2. Nick OldhamNov 24, 2014+1
    lovely..Van Gogh influenced...great!

    Eugenio VazquezNov 24, 2014+1
    Phong your acuarela is nice good color and one of my best lovit💮💯ev

    Phong TrinhNov 25, 2014
    +Nick Oldham Yes, Van Gogh. Amazing you know my secret!

    Phong TrinhNov 25, 2014+1
    +Eugenio Vazquez thank you for the heartfelt comment! :-)

    Howie Joe MarcusNov 25, 2014+1

    Phong TrinhNov 26, 2014
    +Howie Joe Marcus thank you for commenting!

    Howie Joe MarcusNov 26, 2014+2
    Your welcome! (Google +)

  3. Howie Joe MarcusNov 25, 2014

    Phong TrinhNov 26, 2014
    +Howie Joe Marcus thank you for commenting!

    Howie Joe MarcusNov 26, 2014+1
    Your welcome! She does look like she is in deep thought!


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