Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Afternoon in Tropical Garden, Watercolor Painting Landscape

There were so many possible composition in this tropical garden.  I was attracted to the lily pond, the gan a in full bloom and massive leaves of the tropical plant that might be seen only in the deep jungle of a tropical forest.  There were lovely mama duck and her three duckings enjoying the water.  I love the tropical feel.  Down the stream were trees up to 50 m tall.  The foliage creates an ambience with dazzling tropical flowers.. I wanted them all. I must admit I was a bit bamboozled with the choices and then the battle to take them all in.  Here it is.  I can't keep my eyes off it ..  I can feel how Monet managed to put down the colours of his garden .. I can imagine Van Gogh with the blue iris field.  He had the birds I ave the duck and the ducklings... can't be happier! :-)

Beautiful ambience of sunny afternoon in a gorgeous featured tropical garden

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