Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I have a dream to paint where I like when I like anything I like.  Freedom comes with a cost.  I think I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to outdoor painting gears.  I did not talk about the gear much because it's rather personal and not many hoarder like to reveal their collection either.  I look at the outdoor painter blog here and there and I noticed a lot have posted theirs to show method and output paintings.  I take courage to show mine first time today!  Because of my ambitious dream, I have many sets for outdoor painting.  Here is one of them

 New Zealand is a coastal country.  The sudden change in weather means there would be a good use of a good size wind/rain jacket.  I prefer good pocket to keep the car key.  Everything need to be light.  A pair of garden shoes to walk around in the open, a light chair, a light easel, paper and board...  I come to the site to expect the unexpected so I can not be disappointed if things do not go my way.  I would not know whether I paint standing up or sitting down or lying around.  If it's too windy I take the board and sit down.  Sometime the place is too sloppy, no space for easel, I use another board on my lap for the palette

Below are the gear and finished painting at St Heliers beach.  I went home, the sun disappeared.  After setting things up.  The sky was too grayish, there was not much hope.  I have to delay photoing the paintings.

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