Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Creating Watercolor Impulse

My journey into watercolor painting was unplanned.  On and off as things happened.  In modern world, the manual and labor work of painting process is rather intense and awkward compared to that using a camera.  It means the painter has to get more involve and the result is (especially with watercolor) is unpredictable.  I get used to unplanned, on and off things.. I get used to the unpredictability!..  I think this is my chance to lean toward the enjoyment of painting watercolor impulsively!  I intentionally extend the range of subjects, techniques, colours, tools, locations, situations (painting while cooking, chatting, dreaming...indoors, outdoors..in a car, rain, dry, sunny, dull day..)  Painting with impulse is fun.  It reminds me of the feeling of being young and carefree!  It definitely made me a happier painter.  The only problem I got is to get better at it.  The only solution is I got to keep at it.  Hope this explains the relationship between one's life, chosen painting approach and the way things are perceived and expressed in the painting process!
Hope this writing will inspire someone in the same boat!  Happy painting!   Phong

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